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Rajadhani Minerals (P) Ltd has its two major plants functioning in Malappuram district, a 2 stage 200 TPH Sea Sand Processing plant at Kuttipuram, next to the famous Bharathapuzha river and a Floating Conveyor Unit operating at Parthuva. Most contractors in the district opt for the high-quality sand manufactured by Rajdhani Mineral plants for their construction activities
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The Hailstone Experience

"We've carried out the first PPP project in association with the Kerala Government on dredging in minor ports of Kerala. We bring in dredged material and extract pure construction graded sand by separating clay and other impurities. The plant is envisioned with the support from our technology provider, Hailstone Innovations. We've already processed around 2.5 lakh tons of dredged material. This project is commissioned to Hailstone for the last 2.5 years and they're providing excellent service. We wish to continue our association with Hailstone for future project expansions."

- Latheef P A, Managing Director, Rajadhani Minerals (P) Ltd
Rajadhani Minerals Project

Rajadhani minerals is the first company in India to set up a dredged sea sand desalination plant. This project was completed in the year 2016 at Kerala, South India, by Hailstone in collaboration with Govt of Kerala.


The dredged sea sand desalination plant includes a number of treatment phases including semi-floating conveyor that transport & store the dredged sand from sea to land. The stored sand is then taken to initial feeding system, attrition phase set up after feeding scrubs the sea sand to separate unwanted contaminants from raw sand, rinser screen station installed after attrition phase rules out, oversized materials.

Washing station and Hydrocyclones along with upflow classifier produce desalinated ready-to-market sand stockpiled after conveyor system.

Rajadhani minerals desalination plant is also equipped with water recycling system as a part of high rate thickener machine, sludge management system with filter press and water treatment with reverse osmosis & ultra filteration plant (RO & UF). The plant is successfully running under LCS and is able to produce 200 TPH sand which meets customer expectation.


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