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The finest choice for sustainable value addition of natural resources in the world, Hailstone innovations Pvt Ltd is one of the leading equipment manufacturing companies from India. Hailstone specializes in engineering, designing, fabrication and manufacturing of capital equipment and completion of turnkey projects for the mining and aggregates industries. We provide safe, secure, and highly efficient machines for our patrons that perfectly suit their requisites. The Hailstone infrastructure comprises a stellar assemblage of state of the art machinery, tools, and devices to craft world-class construction and mining equipment for the global consumers.

Strategy & Vision

What sets us apart from the competition is the values we hold and where our focus lies. We always strive to give back more to the benevolent world of ours. The understanding that we need to be more judicious with our natural resources drives our company policy. We build equipment which are the most efficient when it comes to the utilisation of natural resources. The onus on maximum efficiency helps us in reducing energy consumption and emissions. Since our machines and projects are always set up in a way to minimize wastage and to maximize the value addition process, our clients find it easy to move ahead in the industry.

As a fast-growing organization in the sustainable mineral processing industry, we hold a great responsibility towards our clients, employees, partners and the society in general. All along this wonderful journey, shouldering this responsibility in the best possible way has been our strategy to operate in this world. Through innovation, we deliver ingenious solutions for the industry. The quality and trust clients can feel in our equipment helps us to better serve the world. With an agile approach and far-reaching global presence, we have been able to achieve and maintain sustained growth for some time now. An effective organization structure has been shaped over the years which awards the firm an operational excellency on par with some of the best-run enterprises in the world. By embracing digital services and goods, we have committed ourselves to better serve our clients. With Hailstone, the strategy is always to innovate and flourish.

Managing Director
Williams Jose

“We hold a great responsibility
towards our clients, employees, partners and the society in general.”


Hailstone Innovations Pvt Ltd had its initiation in the year 1994 at Thrissur, Kerala, as Technomesh Pvt Ltd. Finding a place among the tough competitors was a real struggle at first, but we learned to turn adversities into opportunities and started growing as a major construction and mining equipment manufacturing company in India. Taking advantage of the stable growth of Hailstone, we brought about various modifications to the infrastructure as well as the production unit.  Employees were given proper training and security measures to facilitate exceptional performance.


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